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Oh my gosh welcome to the first ever Bayeux Rhythms I guess. My name is T. Emery Lolsworth and I am also the guilty party responsible for the highly acclaimed Floyd and Mike.You will notice a pattern in my work: ie, I can't draw worth a lump of crap. I also swear a lot, although I'm going to make a conscious decision not to in this comic, just to prove I can.

But wait, Mr. Lolsworth, you cry in confusion and disgust, I've seen these images before somewhere. Indeed you have, weary traveller of the Intarwobs, because my "artist" is none other than the Historic Tale Construction Kit, much plundered by YTMND and I guess 4Chan and all those retards, but originally created back in 2003 by Bjorn Karnebogen and Gerd Jungbluth. Those German guys almost deserve more credit for this comic, since they did much, much more work than me. But that's life.

Updates will be MWF. My other comic that I don't draw is MTWTFSS.


This is a Bob the Fish comic. Hooray!